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كرة الماء

ما هي بعض الكتب الأخرى عن كرة الماء؟

By سبتمبر 23rd, 2023No Comments

– “The Art of Water Polo” by William E Robinson Jr.
– “The Water is Wide: A Memoir” by Pat Conroy
– “The Perfect Season” by Michael D’Orso
– “The Great Water Polo Players of the Past and Present” by Istvan Bene
– “Water Polo: Learning and Teaching the Basics” by Ricardo Azevedo
– “Water Polo: A Brief History, Rules, and How to Play” by Robert J. Wyatt
– “Water Polo for Kids: An Introduction” by Timothy Perkins
– “The Science of Water Polo” by Radoslav Koprivica
– “Born to Play: The Miraculous Story of Australia’s Water Polo Stars” by Matthew Cleary.